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Target people and contens.
This website is intended for all people who are interested in DKC hacking and for everyone who is hacking and trying to hack the DKC trilogy.

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DKC hacks
DKC hacks made by administrator are distributed at this page.
Dev Doc
Documents of DKC trilogy hacking and general SNES development references.
Hacking Support
Tools for hacking and IDE for DKC2 are distributed at this page.

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Note: The redistributions listed in the list of this page are formal mirror so you don't have to report these.

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Formal mirror list
Some files distributed on this website are redistributed formally. Currently, all the formal redistributions are as follows.
If you find any files except but formal redistribution, never download them and please report the administrator.

  Distribution Website URL
The Kremlings' Revenge Ver1.4
Kaizo Donkey IPS Uploader
The Kremlings' Revenge Ver1.4
DKC Atlas Forum
Super Gorilla Maker 2
(January Beta Test Hotfix 2)
DKC Atlas Forum